VR Earth Attack

Attack planet Earth from the bridge of your flying saucer!

Warm up your alien death ray by blasting asteroids as your crew approach Earth, then take out the humans' satellites to break their internet - but watch out for incoming ballistic missiles! After making atmospheric re-entry, wreak havoc and destruction upon the nearest city for maximum points before the humans finally manage to shoot down your saucer - the best scores from each level will be kept to determine the baddest alien in the galaxy.

Extra care has been taken to ensure that VR Earth Attack is a superb experience for a VR newbie. During the opening level, the player is totally safe and can get adjusted to the intuitive "gaze to shoot" mechanic - there is no need to have a button on your headset (although if you have one, it can be used to select a highlighted item on the Options Menu rather than having to tap the screen). The second level introduces a slow but genuine threat from incoming ICBM missiles to gently increase the pressure on the player, with orbiting satellites coming from the sides. The final level is pure chaos, with an added sense of movement and sounds of the jet fighters racing past. Although players are destined to die during this suicide run, as their skill improves so will their survival time and score!

Designed to work with Google Cardboard and similar VR headsets in a side-by-side 3D mode, but can also be played as a regular full-screen game using motion controls (physically moving your device around to steer your laser's crosshair onto targets).

Looking straight down will reveal the options menu, including a graphical detail setting and gyro drift correction. Press the headset button or tap the screen to activate any highlighted option, including switching off VR mode which switches from the side-by-side view to a regular full-screen one.

No adverts, time-locks or in-app purchases, buy once and play forever.

Android app on Google Play     iOS app on the App Store

How to play

  • Aim your death ray's crosshair at targets to blast them by physically moving the device.
  • Not sure what to shoot? Read your central computer screen for guidance.
  • Looking straight down will reveal menu buttons.
  • Pull the Google Cardboard trigger or tap the screen to activate any highlighted button.
  • Toggle VR switches between the side-by-side and full-screen views.
  • Set as Forward will rotate the saucer to face your current orientation.
  • Graphics rotates between different detail levels, low detail is smoother, high detail is prettier!
  • Drift Correction helps if your view keeps drifting in a particular direction.