VR Kiosk Chaos

Feed your hungry customers and upgrade your kiosks with new delicious treats!

Jump between your food kiosks to serve as many hungry customers as possible before sunset, then spend your profits on expanded menu choices, new machines or even some new types of customer!

Designed to work with Google Cardboard and similar VR headsets in a side-by-side 3D mode. Tapping the icon allows you to scan the QR code on your particular headset to get the best experience.

Looking straight down will reveal some menu buttons, including a music toggle and reset button. Press the headset button or tap the screen to activate any interactable item.

Free, with a no-pressure in-app purchase to add more kiosks.

Android app on Google Play     iOS app on the App Store

How to play

  • Look around at your surroundings by physically moving the device.
  • Not sure what to click on? Watch your crosshair change into a ring when something is interactable.
  • Pull the Google Cardboard trigger or tap the screen to activate whatever you're looking at.
  • Looking straight down will reveal the following buttons:
  • Toggle Music switches the catchy background music on or off.
  • Red Reset will clear out your bank account and reset all your progress.